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Mold Testing is Simple!

  • We start off with a Mold Inspection to determine the extent of the problem and the areas that should be tested for mold using air sampling.

  • An Infrared Thermal Imaging camera may be used to determine the extent of the leak and if it has been fixed. Any standing water inside the walls, floors or ceilings will show up on the camera.

  • We take an outdoor sample to use as a control sample. Mold naturally occurs in the environment and we use this sample to determine what mold is naturally in the air and what mold is inside your home because of a problem.

  • We take indoor air samples from specific locations/rooms inside the home based upon what we find during our mold inspection.

  • It is typical to take air samples in any rooms that were affected by the leak as well as a room(s) next to or below the room(s) affected. This is because mold can grow through into other walls and the water damage may have extended into those other rooms.

  • The samples are analyzed by an independent third party lab, eliminating any conflict of interest and providing a strong report that will hold up when it needs to, such as in court or during a real estate transaction.

  • We receive results Next Business Day and provide you with a written report detailing the lab results and our findings about any problems.

  • The lab results detail the individual types of mold present and their spore counts, giving you a comprehensive overview of the problem. Spore counts are very beneficial in determining the extent and severity of the problem.

  • Check out a copy of a Sample Mold Report and Infrared Thermal Imaging Report.