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Professional Mold Testing, Mold Inspections, Lead Paint Testing and Asbestos Testing in Orange County, Laguna Niguel and Lake Arrowhead. Proudly Serving All Southern California Since 1997! 

Home Inspector Training, Education and Experience

Home Inspector Education and Experience

Our home inspectors are fully certified and complete dozens of hours of additional training each year as well as maintaining knowledge of changes in building code and current building codes. Our home inspectors are certified in multiple different areas of home inspections, including; Certified Indoor Air Quality Consulting, Mold Inspections and Testing, and California Dept. of Public Health Lead Paint Inspections. Our inspectors go through an extensive training process with hundreds of hours of educational training to obtain certification and are required to complete additional courses yearly to maintain certification.

We have been serving Southern California since 1997 and have performed a variety of different home inspection services, including; Mortgage Inspections, Environmental Inspections, Insurance Loss Claim Inspections, Home Inspections and Commercial Inspections.