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What Are The Standards of Practice

What Are The Standards of Practice?

The Building Inspector! takes pride in strictly following the InterNACHI Standards of Practice to ensure our clients get a comprehensive and detailed home inspection. The Standards of Practice are used as a guideline for the home inspection, detailing all the components and aspects which are required to be inspected by the home inspector. Following these guidelines provides our clients with the most thorough and complete overview of the home they are purchasing or selling. These are standards we follow with every inspection and we do not deviate from them in any way.

The Standards of Practice provide formal guidelines for what must be inspected, what must be reported, what must be described, what must be explained to the client, what is not covered in the scope of the inspection and what is not required to be inspected. This clearly defines the scope of the inspection and allows our clients to know prior to the inspection exactly what will and will not be covered as part of our home inspection.