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Formaldehyde Testing - Instant Results

Beginning Thursday, March 12th 2015, The Building Inspector! is now offering same day testing for Formaldehyde in laminate flooring from China, including laminate flooring from Lumber Liquidators. We use an OSHA approved machine to test for Formaldehyde, with results coming instantly. This is a cost effective screening to see if there is a need to have the flooring material sent in for laboratory analysis by a chemist. Our machine will provide results precise down to .01 ppm. California state regulations state that Formaldehyde levels above .40 ppm is unsafe. EPA regulations state Formaldehyde levels above .83 ppm in unsafe. Our machine will determine the level of Formaldehyde and allow us to determine the number of times above or below the threshold level is present in the indoor air. We take air samples from every room the laminate flooring is installed in to provide a precise and comprehensive overview of the levels of Formaldehyde vapor found in the homes indoor air.

This is an excellent method for testing your homes indoor air quality for Formaldehyde. If levels of Formaldehyde are excessively high then we will recommend having a sample of the flooring sent into a lab for analysis by a chemist. 

We will provide you with a report detailing the testing results, method of testing and details about the specific laminate flooring.

The Building Inspector! provides Formaldehyde Testing throughout Southern California, including Orange County, San Diego, Los Angeles, Riverside and the Inland Empire. Call us today to schedule a Formaldehyde test of you laminate floors and get instant results. We test all brands of laminate flooring from China, including Lumber Liquidators laminate flooring which is made in China.

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Formaldehyde Air Testing with Instant Results - $195