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Testing for mold is the only way to determine if there is a problem with mold in your home's indoor air quality.  Anybody who has had a leak , especially one that was going on for a long period of time, should have their home tested for mold. Mold can easily grow behind walls and out of sight for months or years and go undetected, but mold spores will be present in the indoor air. The longer a leak has gone unfixed or undetected, the more likely mold has begun to grow in and around the area of the leak.  

If you are buying a home that is bank owned if is a good idea to test for mold. The bank has no obligation to disclose any problems with the home and they will not disclose anything. These homes have sat vacant for months or years and there is no knowledge of prior problems. If there had been a leak, a home sitting vacant without climate control is a perfect place for mold to grow and spread throughout the home. It is wise to protect your investment with a simple mold test from The Building Inspector! 

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